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The Titan Games recap: The rise of the season two champions

The best of the best battled it out.

Steve Dietl/NBC

Welcome to the Titan Games Championship! The whole season built up to this. Saying these athletes are the best of the best actually feels like an understatement. Every single one of these competitors left our jaws on the ground. They’re all Titans in their own regions, but they wanted to claim the whole shebang.

None of Dwayne Johnson’s original elite Titans managed to overcome these everyday heroes. These final battles were examples of the grit it takes to make dreams come true. Read on to find out which two challengers took home the glory!

The returning Titans:

  • Central region
    Dani Speegle
    Matt Chan
  • West region
    Margaux Alvarez
    Noah Palicia
  • East region
    Courtney Roselle
    Will Sutton

How it works:

The format was a little different for the finale episode. The three competitors all faced off in the first game, Hammer Down. The winner punched their ticket to Mount Olympus. The remaining two Titans battled it out during Herculean Pull to decide who else would go to the mountain. Then, it was a head-to-head race for the Titan Championship.

Steve Dietl/NBC

Game One - Hammer Down - Women’s challenge

The moment: Dani took control of this situation. She brought down each of her poles easily and headed for the final climb. Margaux had a chance to catch up when, for a moment, it looked like Dani might not make it to the top of the gold pole. When Dani kept her grip, she won the first pass to Mount Olympus.

The winner: Dani Speegle

Steve Dietl/NBC

Game two - Hammer Down - Men’s challenge

The moment: Matt whipped this challenge. There’s no way around it. He dominated from the get-go and never let up. He was climbing the gold pole before Will and Noah knew what was happening. Matt would be the one waiting at Mount Olympus.

The winner: Matt Chan

Steve Dietl/NBC

Game three - Herculean Pull - Women’s Challenge

The Titans: Margaux Alvarez and Courtney Roselle

The moment: When Margaux was quickly to the gold pole, Courtney had to hustle to prevent this from being a blow out. She got to the pole in the knick of time to force a tug of war. On one side, Margaux was so close to winning, on the other, Courtney was fighting to stay alive. Courtney managed to make some progress, but when she lost her grip and fell, Margaux sealed the deal.

The winner: Margaux Alvarez

Steve Dietl/NBC

Game four - Herculean Pull - Men’s Challenge

The Titans: Noah Palicia and Will Sutton

The moment: Both of them sent their first poles flying. Will leapt for the gold pole first. Noah jumped for it and MISSED. This allowed Will to quickly end the game and head back to his home on Mount Olympus.

The winner: Will Sutton

Mount Olympus

There were a few changes to the mountain for this championship race. On the Cage Crawl, competitors needed to kick through a wall to get in and to get out. The Ball and Chain was locked under a cage that needed to be cranked open.

This was it. It was time to crown some Titan Champions.

  • Dani Speegle vs Margaux Alvarez

The moment: Dani was a bit quicker off the starting line and gained more of a lead after the Iron Ascent. Dani attempted to enter the Cage Crawl first and literally ran into the new walls. Margaux caught up and tired unsuccessfully to shoulder slam her way into the tunnel. Dani managed to break through first and continued her run. She didn’t have as much trouble breaking out of the Cage Crawl, which gave her a huge advantage. After she opened the Ball and Chain, it was clear who our champion would be.

Titan Games Champion: Dani Speegle

Steve Dietl/NBC

  • Matt Chan vs Will Sutton

The moment: We knew this would be a close match. These two are not fans of holding back. Will was faster on the Iron Ascent, but not by much. Then Matt was ahead by a few inches on the Sky Bridge. At the Cage Crawl, Matt entered first. He maintained a fraction of a lead as the two raced to the arena floor. Will never gave up as Matt reached the Titan Tomb first. As Matt’s tomb crumbled, his wife’s face said it all. We had a champion.

Titan Games Champion: Matt Chan