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The greatest buzzers in history: Season 10’s winner

Abby Clark in a landslide!

Well, well, well, we didn’t see this one coming. Season 10’s “greatest buzzer” goes to Abby Clark with her Minneapolis Qualifiers run!

We mean... check out these numbers. We have a feeling there might have been some campaigning involved. But hey, that’s how voting works! Abby’s run beat out Daniel Gil’s Stage One run by A LOT.

This run is definitely one worth watching. Here’s how we previously described it: Season 10 was Abby’s sophomore year on American Ninja Warrior. Her rookie year ended on the Ring Jump in Cleveland. That’s what made her Minneapolis run so poetic. Abby faced and defeated the Ring Jump and then moved on to complete the course.

Abby’s run proves that American Ninja Warrior doesn’t just belong to the superstar Ninjas. It belongs to anyone who’s willing to put in the work, learn from the lessons the course offers, and return focused and ready.

Abby’s run will join the other season’s winner in a championship round soon!