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What if there was an American Ninja Warrior waterpark?

Here are some of the obstacles you’d want to play on.

Summer is officially here and for a lot of us, the weather is heating up and we’re thinking about activities to cool things down. How much fun would an American Ninja Warrior waterpark be?

Just think about it. Basically any of the obstacles would be a blast at a waterpark. No pressure. No time limit. No landing pads. Just flip, fly, and FLOP into the water! It would be a blast for Ninjas, Ninja-wannabes, and basically anyone who just wants to have fun.

We posed the question to our followers on Instagram awhile back. What American Ninja Warrior obstacles would you want to play on at a waterpark?

Here are just a few of your suggestions!

Angry Birds

William Gray/NBC

Super Salmon Ladder

Tire Run

Barrel Roll

Matthew Hayward/NBC

Double Dipper

Wicked Wingnuts

Razor Blades

Log Runner

Someone go ahead and build this! What obstacles would you want to play on?