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The Titan Games recap: The Western Region reveals its champions

The region has found some reliable Titans to send to the championship later in the year.

Steve Dietl/NBC

The best in the West returned on The Titan Games! The regional finale called back both the elite Titans and the runner ups of the previous episodes. That means American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff got a chance to redeem herself. While she didn’t make it back to Mount Olympus, she did make strong showing, winning one game and forcing the second game into a last second conclusion.

In the end, the Western Region found itself with two unshakeable champions. Noah Palicia and Margaux Alvaraz each maintained their titles. For Noah, it was his fourth win on the mountain. For Margaux, it was her third. They’ll represent the region later in the season during the Titan Championships.

Find out the full results of the episode below!

The Titans: Noah Palicia and Margaux Alvarez

The returning challengers:
Men: Victor Cruz, Exodus Rogers, and Wayne Skivington
Women: Jessie Graff, Kelly Valdez, and Lindsey Hamm

How it works:

All the previous West region athletes who lost on Mount Olympus have returned. First, all three will face off. The last to complete the challenge is out of the games for good. The two remaining challengers will take on one more contest. The winner gets their shot at Mount Olympus and the reigning Titan. The Titans standing at the end of the episode will represent the Central region in The Titan Games Championship at the end of the season.

You can find a description of the challenges here.

Game one - Hammer Down - Men’s challenge

The challengers: Victor Cruz, Exodus Rogers, and Wayne Skivington

The moment: Exodus had a strong lead, starting the climb on the gold pole well before Wayne, and shortly before Victor. Both Exodus and Victor climbed slowly, giving Wayne time to also get on his golden pole. Exodus, who struggled with the ascent, suddenly fell as he reached out for the victory chain. Victor secured the first win. Exodus caught up to Wayne’s progress but when he fell for a second time (although Wayne also fell once, he was the first to leave the competition.

Out: Exodus Rogers
Advancing: Victor Cruz and Wayne Skivington

Steve Dietl/NBC

Game two - Hammer Down - Women’s challenge

The challengers: Jessie Graff, Kelly Valdez, and Lindsey Hamm

The moment: Now THAT’S what Ninja Warrior fans were waiting for! Jessie soundly took first in the challenge after using strategy on hammering in the pins, and her Ninja agility to scamper up the pole to the victory chain. Kelly came in second after her climb up the pole, knocking Lindsey out of the game.

Out: Lindsey Hamm
Advancing: Jessie Graff and Kelly Valdez

Steve Dietl/NBC

Game three - Resistance - Men’s Challenge

The challengers: Victor Cruz, Wayne Skivington

The moment: Wayne started the challenge struggling to pull Victor, who quickly removed his first barrel. But the tide turned as Victor tired. Wayne was able to determinedly toss his barrels out one by one, signaling his return to Mount Olympus. However, he was injured during the game and needed a medic to examine his ankle.

Out: Victor Cruz
Advancing: Wayne Skivington

Steve Dietl/NBC

Game four - Resistance - Women’s challenge

The challengers: Jessie Graff, Kelly Valdez

The moment: Jessie’s tendency to strategize her way through challenges was on display again. She got low and used her body to slowly nudge all her barrels into one area, hoping for the chance to quickly toss them all out. Kelly braced herself against the rope and bounced it up and down, looking to create slack by knocking Jessie off balance. The game hit a stalemate with the two-minute time limit quickly expiring. With seconds left, Kelly managed to wildly huck a barrel over the edge, signaling her win.

Out: Jessie Graff
Advancing: Kelly Valdez

Steve Dietl/NBC

Mount Olympus

  • Noah Palicia vs Wayne Skivington

There’s not too much to say about this challenge. Between Noah’s unrelenting power and experience on the mountain, and Wayne’s injured ankle, it was not a close call. Wayne NEVER gave up though.

West Region Champion: Noah Palicia

Steve Dietl/NBC
  • Margaux Alvarez vs Kelly Valdez

The powerful Margaux opened a small lead on the Log Lift, but Kelly stayed right behind her. That relationship remained the same all the way through the Cage Crawl. Margaux poured on the steam to give herself more space as she hit the arena floor. As Margaux approached the tomb, Kelly grabbed the Ball and Chain in ONE hand and ran with it across the floor. The moment was exhilarating, but Margaux would retain her title.

West Region Champion: Margaux Alvarez

Steve Dietl/NBC

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