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American Ninja Warrior hosts give us a glimpse into their daily lives through social media

We can’t wait to see them on the show again!

Brett Deering/NBC

Zuri, Akbar, and Matt – we’ve missed them! As if 2020 hasn’t been difficult enough, we haven’t even been able to count on our three favorite hosts to distract us from our troubles for two hours every week. It’s been way too long since we’ve smiled at a warm moment between Zuri and an inspirational Ninja. It’s been too long since we’ve chuckled at an awesome Akbarism. And it’s been too long since we’ve heard Matt say AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR in a way that only Matt can.

Luckily, all three fabulous hosts are active on social media, and you can rest assured that we are faithful followers. While it’s not quite the same (okay…not even close!), it’s still refreshing to enjoy their infectious personalities, get a peek at what’s important to them, and see a tiny bit of their everyday lives.

They’re all spreading the love on social media in their own unique way. Zuri is literally sending words of love to all of her followers and encouraging them to do the same.

And it’s just like Zuri to engage with her followers about gratitude.

Akbar is showing his big heart by calling attention to ways his followers can help others get through these difficult times.

And he’s also taking the time for public service announcements and education when tough issues arise.

And then there’s Matt… Always entertaining and full of fun! Have you guys seen his “Mornings with Matt” cooking show? These weekly posts are full of dancing, singing, classic Matt antics…and food too. Matt definitely doesn’t claim to be a seasoned pro. In fact, up until a few months ago, Matt hadn’t really cooked at all!

Thanks, Zuri, Akbar, and Matt, for being you, and for being a bright spot in our days.