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The greatest buzzers in history: Season seven’s winner

It’s Sam Sann’s run!

Season seven has settled on a winning run! It’s Sam Sann at the Houston Finals!

This season involved two brackets and lots of worthy runs. Once the two brackets reached their conclusions, Sam Sann’s run faced off against Geoff Britten’s.

Here’s a breakdown on what makes Sam’s run special:

He was one of only two competitors to finish the entire extended course. Sam also did it at age 48, making him the second oldest competitor to finish a City Finals course at the time. Additionally, he was the only Ninja to complete both the Houston Qualifiers and the City Finals course that year.

His run showcases what Ninja Warrior is all about; Overcoming obstacles no matter what. The athletes don’t all look the same. They’re not the same age. They’re individuals united by a common goal and that’s why we love watching them.

Sam Sann’s run will return once we have all the seasons’ winners for a final showdown!

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