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Ninja Warriors are sharing their favorite photos with the #WomenSupportingWomen challenge

The photos represent the moments they feel the most confident and powerful.

Tiana Webberley/Instagram

The #WomenSupportingWomen challenge is flooding our social media feed with empowering photos.

The basic gist is that women share a black and white photo of themselves that makes them feel confident and powerful. Then, they tag a friend or friends to do the same. The origins of the challenge are from a movement in Turkey, “...Women in Turkey began posting black-and-white photos on social media last week to protest femicide and domestic violence and to grieve the violent death of Pinar Gültekin, a university student who was reportedly killed by her ex-boyfriend this month.”

We already have the utmost respect for the American Ninja Warrior women and know just how powerful they are. What’s great about this challenge is it gives us a glimpse at the moments these athletes personally feel like their best selves.

Zuri Hall showcased the infectious energy we know from her sideline interviews.

Jesse Labreck was in control, focused and locked in to every obstacle.

Meagan Martin smiled while in her element, ready to climb.

Tiana Webberley shared this real-life moment of women supporting women, with a group of Ninja-friends having a blast together.

Sandy Zimmerman struck the pose we first saw when she toppled the Warped Wall.

Maggi Thorne looked at peace and relaxed.

Zhanique Lovett flexed it out.

Mady Howard looked at home in the wilderness of the hills and mountains.

Rose Wetzel shared a photo that embraces the freedom she feels while running.

Anna Shumaker shared a genuine smile.