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Remember when T-Rex took the course and broke the internet?

Yup, we watched it a few more times.

Sorry, we can’t wait for #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday. We just revisited T-Rex on the American Ninja Warrior course and felt the urge to remind everyone it exists.

It’s just... a classic. The bobbing head, the tiny arms. The athleticism! The seriousness with which Matt and Akbar call the run. It’s a chef’s kiss of a moment.

The video debuted along with the Atlanta Qualifiers back in season eight and it was a smash hit. The video embedded above has 2.4 million views but there are also the Facebook videos, the Twitter videos, and the many different accounts that uploaded the clip. It went everywhere. Everyone watched it, and more than once it seems.

Now, since we’re all grown ups here, we do understand that there’s an actual, real Ninja under that inflatable hilarity. That Ninja is Reko Rivera. Reko has participated in eight seasons of American Ninja Warrior and made it to the National Finals twice. All that experience enabled him to navigate the course with some serious costume limitations.

Reko, thank you for creating a clip that has become a part of American Ninja Warrior history. Readers, enjoy the reminder that this is out in the universe.