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Ninja Warrior is selling exclusive season 12 tour merch

It was designed for the 2020 tour that had to be postponed.

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Oh... COVID-19, what haven’t you ruined lately?

You probably don’t need a reminder of this, but the pandemic brought production on season 12 of American Ninja Warrior to a halt. (The season was postponed.) Originally, the show intended to tape in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., St. Louis, and Las Vegas.

That’s not happening.

What you might not know is that each season, the show manufactures merchandise that can only be purchased on set when you see the show live. It’s different from the items available online year round.

That exclusive merchandise can now be purchased without the need be an audience member. Readers can gain exclusive access to that catalog here.

Yes, there are even shirts detailing out the ill-fated tour stops. So it’s like a Ninja Warrior/pandemic collectors’ item.

There are some really cool kids clothes and gear.

Look at this adorable baby onsie!

And yes, there are American Ninja Warrior masks. If you want to check out the gear for yourself, click here. There’s a link in the upper right-hand corner of the PDF if you want to place an order.