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US Army Nurse Haley Johnson claims Titan title. Watch her wins here.

Haley beat out elite Titan Hannah Teter.

Steve Dietl/NBC

Haley Johnson’s Titan Games debut proved that she knows how to push through and stay focused. The 25-year-old US Army Registered nurse put an end to the competition in two challenges. She then raced Olympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder Hannah Teter on Mount Olympus and soundly won the game and the title for herself.

Watch all of Haley’s games below!

Up first was Chain Linked. This really gave us a taste of Haley’s capabilities. She had a strong lead, which she lost when she hesitated to leap out to the final panels. Like we said, she can push through. Haley found the courage, made the leap, made up ground, and locked in her first win.

Her second game was the grueling Kick Out. But Haley was in her element. Dwayne Johnson questioned if this was the fastest version of the challenge that he’d ever seen. Haley stomped in all her pistons and sent Cynthia Gauthier home.

Off to Mount Olympus, Haley was up against the very speedy elite Titan, Hannah Teter. Haley ran her own race, settling into a steady pace where she focused on one obstacle at a time. The result was she didn’t even need to worry about the elite athlete. Haley claimed the lead early and claimed the Titan title for herself.

Haley will be one to watch as the competition advances. She’ll need to defend her title from two more challengers if she wants to hold it into the Eastern Region finals.

The Titan Games airs on Mondays at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.