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We underestimated The Titan Game’s Will Sutton. We won’t do that again.

He showed everyone what he was capable of, even Dwayne Johnson.

Steve Dietl/NBC

The Titan Games moved into the Eastern Region’s competition by debuting four new challengers. Their goal was to reach Mount Olympus and face one of Dwayne Johnson’s elite Titans, either UFC Champion Tyron Woodley, or Olympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder, Hannah Teter.

Generally, we’re used to some pretty serious faces as the competitors stay in the zone to take on the unrelenting games. This time, we were introduced to one smiling fellow who shocked us by going all the way to the Titan title.

Will Sutton is a 26-year-old high school teacher from Trenton, NC. He embraces his country roots in a big way. He has a mullet. He’s not known for a chiseled physique. But Will had even Dwayne Johnson shocked as he bounced through the challenges with a speed and agility that was downright unexpected.

It started with a game of Nuts and Bolts. Will lost this challenge when he jumped for the rope with over 1000 lbs still on his wall.

Clearly, Will’s not a patient guy. But that worked to his advantage in a huge way when he made short (and we mean SHORT) work of Lunar Eclipse. This is when we started to suspect there was something special about this guy.

That sent Will and Kareem Brinson into a Herculean Pull tie-breaker. After a slip-up from Kareem, Will was off to Mount Olympus.

Here’s where things got really intriguing. Will faced Tyron Woodley on the mountain. As a UFC fighter, Tyron possesses endurance, strength, and whip-like reflexes. We honestly thought Will was done-for.

Which is why when Will leapt of the starting line like a cheetah, we had to laugh. There was pure talent behind the hair, the jokes, and the smiles. Alright, Will, we’ll admit it, we underestimated you. We won’t do that again.

Will is now the Titan of the Eastern Region. He’ll need to hold his ground to stay there, but we’re downright happy for this lighthearted guy.

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