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How to watch The Titan Games: Central Region Finals

Win here to move on to The Titan Games Championship

Steve Dietl/NBC

After three thrilling segments, The Titan Games is ready for its first regional final! Joe Thomas and Dani Speegle are the reigning Titans, but it wont be easy to hang on to their crowns. All the Mount Olympus runners up from the previous episodes will return. They’ll first face one another, and then the winners will turn their eyes to the mountain once more.

This time around, everyone has the advantage of experience. And they all have a thirst for redemption that will give them an extra edge in competition.

Here’s who’ll be back and when to tune in.

Returning competitors:

  • Jamie Seeman
  • Claressa Sheilds
  • Chantae McMillan
  • Kaleb Redden
  • Steven Shelby
  • Matt Chan

Season two, episode three
Central Region - Finals

Start time:
8pm EST/PST on Monday, June 8 on NBC

Live Streaming:
Stream NBC Live - You will need to sign in with a cable provider.
You can also download the NBC app.

Previous episodes:
Previous episodes are available on NBC.Com.