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Jessie Graff shared a ‘subtle’ workout with The Titan Games

You could pull off this workout almost anywhere.

American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff joined season two of The Titan Games as one of Dwayne Johnson’s elite Titans in the West Region. While Jessie lost her first Mount Olympus battle, she’ll have one more shot next week (July 6) on the regional finals.

In the meantime, she’s shared one of her workouts with The Titan Games audience. It’s not one of the big, explosive workouts we’ve seen from her before. As Jessie put it, it’s for when you want to workout “very subtly” (or, dare we say, secretly).

She shared several of these “secret” workout moves that you can do while sitting down in a chair. They’re perfect for anyone who’s working from home, spending more time at a desk than usual, or if you have a long flight and want to keep the blood moving.

Catch Jessie on the next episode of The Titan Games, airing Monday, July 6 at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.