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Ninjas tackle tough issues through meaningful conversation

Jessie Graff is joining in on one of those conversations tonight.

Felicia Graham/NBC

Members of the Ninja community have been joining together to have honest conversations about what is happening in our world today. The Ninjas are sharing personal experiences, as well as listening intently to the experiences of others.

Over the past couple weeks, the Rainbow Ninja, Jaysen Saly, a season nine and 10 ANW competitor, has hosted several Ninja Talks via Zoom, while broadcasting on Facebook Live. The discussions have featured the thoughts and experiences of Sean Darling-Hammond, Najee Richardson, Joe Moravsky, Barclay Stockett, Jessica Clayton, Enedina Stanger Ramos, Zhanique Lovett, Donovan Metoyer, Alex Weber, and many more.

A fourth conversation is happening tonight (June 26) at 8:30EST, with Ninja panelists Jessie Graff, Karsten Williams, Jimmy Choi, Tee Jackson, Verndale Benson, and Morgan Wright. To tune in, click here. Karsten Williams says he’s “looking forward to tonight’s conversation around the state of our country and how we can move forward in a positive and productive way.”

You can learn more about upcoming discussions here.