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The greatest buzzers in history: Season six winner and bonus round

One more poll? Sure! Why not?

Season six of American Ninja Warrior featured an abundance of historic buzzers. That made the rounds of voting in this “greatest buzzer” bracket especially fascinating to watch. But the dust has settled and one run remains!

Winner: Kevin Bull - Venice City Finals

This run was a career-defining moment for Kevin. He’d gotten a chance at the course after going through the walk-on line. Kevin finished the Venice Qualifying course and faced the daunting City Finals course. Cannonball Alley seemed totally impossible, until...

Kevin’s famous upside-down move is obviously still revered amongst fans of the show. It survived five rounds of voting to come out on top.

This is the run we’ll use when we pit all the seasons against one another later on. But just for fun, we’re including a bonus round here if you’re so inclined. To make the bracket work for this season, we needed to drop one buzzer. That run is now added back in - Joe Moravsky at the National Finals. Joe was the Last Ninja Standing that year. His buzzer on Stage One helped get him there.



Kevin Bull or Joe Moravsky?

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  • 69%
    Kevin Bull
    (66 votes)
  • 30%
    Joe Moravsky
    (29 votes)
95 votes total Vote Now

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