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The greatest buzzers in history: Season five’s winning run

The Last Ninja Standing is the last run standing.

Season five of American Ninja Warrior has declared its greatest buzzer! After five rounds of voting, the runs dropped away. In the end, the Last Ninja Standing was the last run standing.

Brian Arnold was tantalizingly close to completing Stage Three at the National Finals. His run gave us hope that one day a Ninja would achieve Total Victory. It was also a testament to the difficulty of the National Finals. Brian Arnold is a top Ninja and rock climber. These obstacles drained even his strength.

Brian Arnold - 2013 National Finals - Stage Three (Last Ninja Standing)

Brian Arnold’s run joins Drew Drechsel’s run from season four as a best buzzer (or, in this case, run). Once all the seasons have concluded their voting, all the runs will face off for the title of greatest buzzer ever!