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The West Region’s current Titans weigh in on their trips to the top

Noah Palicia and Margaux Alvarez reflect on their experience on The Titan Games.

Steve Dietl/NBC

The Titan Games West Region likes to shake things up! In the first part of the region’s competition, both of Dwayne Johnson’s elite Titans, Jessie Graff and Victor Cruz, were unseated. In the second segment, Air Force Captain Noah Palicia managed to defend his title from Exodus Rogers. However, Kelly Valdez turned over her crown to winemaker Margaux Alvarez.

We touched base with both reigning Titans to get their perspective on how the competition has unfolded... So far.

Why did you want to be a Titan?

MA: Our lives are constantly met with obstacles and challenges, yet, we only celebrate success in the finality of the script. I want to be a Titan to inspire and give hope to those who are currently chasing their goals or fighting through obstacles and who think the possible is impossible. It’s in our daily journey where true success is achieved by overcoming the daily struggles, one step at a time, one day at a time.

NP: Earning the title, “Titan”, serves as validation of my training regimen and dedication to becoming the best husband, Airman, and friend I can be. Whether it be in the fitness realm, furthering my education, studying to become a better pilot, or taking the time to better understand anyone that life connects me with, I always push myself to my limits. As a “Titan”, my high energy levels and dedication to bettering myself will be held in much higher regard by others and allow me to motivate people to push themselves further.

What was the best moment of the competition to this point?

MA: The best moment for me was meeting all the amazing people from all walks of life and hearing their stories. We were all competitors and wanted to win our events but everyone was supportive of one another. We bonded and all had the opportunity to share a unique experience that I’ll always cherish.

NP: The moments following my victory over Victor Cruz on Mt. Olympus. My emotions were at a peak and when I looked over to see my wife, brother, his wife & daughter, and my other family members filled with excitement as well, I had to pause for a second to cherish that moment we all shared together.

What was the hardest moment of the competition to this point?

NP: Competing against my brother in the tiebreaker. We both love each other and always want what is best for one another, but in that moment, we both had to set our compassion aside and focus internally to achieve the ultimate goal of winning this competition.

How did you celebrate earning your Titan title?

MA: I celebrated by popping a bottle of my wine, the G.O.A.T., Greatest Of All Time.

NP: The only way a lucky guy like me would ever want to celebrate a moment like that…embracing my wife Lesly Palicia. That and eating Lebanese food.

How does it feel to be a Titan?

MA: It’s a badass feeling to be on such a remarkable competition. The Rock and the entire production team all have my heart and I’m blessed to be part of this.

NP: I have won a wide variety of things in my life that I am very proud of, but standing atop of Mt. Olympus as a “Titan” on national TV with America and all my fellow troops stationed all over the world watching will always hold a special place in my memories.

But can Noah and Margaux hang on to their titles? They’ll face two more challengers on Monday’s new episode, June 29, 8pm EST/PST on NBC!