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Dani Speegle confidently claimed the title of Titan

“He’s getting bored I’m sure. I should try and end this.” 

Steve Dietl/NBC

Dani Speegle had no doubts she’d step into the Titan arena as a contender, and leave it as a reigning Titan. On the third segment of the Central Region’s competition, Dani beat Nadi Carey in two matches, including an exhausting round on Lunar Impact where Nadi had Dani on the defense for quite awhile.

But things didn’t get any easier after that. Once Dani reached Mount Olympus, she faced Olympian Chantae McMillan, the two-time champion of the first Central Region segments. The two were evenly matched until an error set Chantae back. Dani ran a flawless race, expanding her lead with each obstacle until she official claimed the title for herself.

Dani was completely unsurprised by the outcome of her episode. We caught up with her via email to gain her perspective on the action.

What was your motivation for joining The Titan Games?

DS: To conquer a new challenge as well as get in front of new eyes to be able to spread my message on empowering women.

You had an epic Lunar Impact battle with Nadi Carey. Can you take us through what you were thinking during that challenge?

DS: I really kept thinking about how hot it was and kept looking down at DJ and was like, “He’s getting bored I’m sure. I should try and end this.”

What were your thoughts around facing Chantae McMillan on Mount Olympus?

DS: I knew I had it. I went in very confident.

What was your strategy for Mount Olympus? Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

DS: Stay in my lane and play my own game. Nothing I did would affect my opponent so as long as I ran the course clean I felt like I would win.

How did it feel to earn the title of Titan?

DS: Felt great. Justifies my belief that CrossFit prepares its athletes for anything. We are more well rounded and better prepared for anything than any other sport.

Dani will defend her status on the next episode of The Titan Games, which happens to be the Central Finals, airing on Monday, June 8, at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.