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Kacy Catanzaro returns to the Ninja gym

It’s giving us flashbacks to her record-breaking season in 2014.

David Becker

At this point in the year 2020, our desire to see some Ninja action is off the charts. We’ve been watching ANW Youtube and searching for new Ninja action on Instagram a bit more than we’d like to admit... Through all of our internet scouring, we noticed a little something though. A superstar from a few years ago has found herself back in the Ninja gym!

Kacy Catanzaro has been testing her skills at Ninja Street, a gym in south Florida. And it appears that she still has some major Ninja skills!

Kacy’s Ninja posts have received positive comments from other Ninja greats like Barclay Stockett, Najee Richardson, and even host Akbar Gbajabiamila. The posts also elicited many questions from fans about a possible return to ANW. Kacy didn’t make any indication that there was a return to ANW in her future, but she did tell Jesse Labreck that she was excited to train Ninja with her!

Kacy had a breakout year on season six of American Ninja Warrior, becoming the first women to scale the Warped Wall in competition, and also the first women to defeat a City Finals course. Her achievement made her a social media phenomenon, with her run being viewed over 15 million times. Kacy continued to be a popular competitor on ANW until her retirement after season nine.

Is Kacy contemplating a return to Ninja, or just mixing up her exercise routine? We’re dying to know! Whatever her plans, we wish her the very best.