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Watch Jessie Graff’s debut match up on The Titan Games

She faced Kelly Valdez on Mount Olympus.

American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff made her debut on The Titan Games during part one of the West Region competition. She faced challenger Kelly Valdez, a wildland firefighter who won two challenges to make it to Mount Olympus.

It was exciting to see Jessie take her Ninja Warrior and professional stunt skills to a new format. But Kelly was a strong contender who’d made the other challenges look simple.

After a fast start, Jessie pulled ahead on the Iron Ascent, which played like something right off the Ninja Warrior course.

Things started to change on the Log Lift. Jessie needed an extra moment to lock the log in. Kelly nailed it on her first try and charged ahead.

Jessie wasn’t far behind, but when she jumped into the same Cage Crawl tunnel as Kelly, she didn’t have an opportunity to pass.

The Ball and Chain was the big point of separation. Kelly immediately began the trip to the Titan Tomb. Jessie struggled to find leverage and traction.

At one point, she strained so hard that she lost her footing completely. Jessie never gave up, but the Titan title went to Kelly.

But like a true Ninja Warrior, Jessie had zero hard feelings about the loss and quickly congratulated Kelly.

Jessie told us in an interview after the fact that she wants a rematch with the Ball and Chain. She’ll have a shot during the West Region finale in a few weeks if she can win her way back to Mount Olympus.