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Craving competition? Watch this epic Titan Games match up between brothers

There was zero quit in either brother.

Steve Dietl/NBC

The Titan Games delivered something special with one match up between 30-year-old Air Force Captain Noah Palicia and his 40-year-old brother, Army Combat Engineer Officer Eric Palicia.

Dwayne Johnson had already upped the emotional stakes of the episode by pitting brother against brother as challengers trying to reach Mount Olympus. Eric had won the first game, Chain Linked. Noah won the second match, Kick Out, after a fierce back and forth.

Entering the tie-breaker challenge, Herculean Pull, each brother knew it was now or never. Win and move on to Mount Olympus to face elite Titan and Super Bowl Champion, Victor Cruz. Lose and go home. It was obvious neither would go down without a fight.

But we never could have predicted THIS much of a fight.

This back and forth was nothing short of a saga between the brothers. It’s an emotional journey for the viewers. You’ll scream for one brother, then the other, then you’ll switch sides again.

When the dust finally settled, a very tired Noah was left standing, so to speak. You can find out the results of his match up on Mount Olympus with Victor Cruz here.