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Junior Ninjas have some pretty amazing skills off the course too

Between Ninja training sessions, they have some very cool hobbies.

American Ninja Warrior Junior - Season 2 Photo by: Eddy Chen/Universal Kids/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

We know the Junior Ninjas are amazing on the course, but they have some pretty cool hobbies off the course, too.

Jaleesa Himka is a self-proclaimed “Ninja by day and chef by night.” She started cooking with her sister and has gotten super creative as she’s gotten older. Jaleesa even created an entire Ninja course—out of food—including cookie Ninjas!

Noah Buschur and his miniature horse, Bob, plan to show off their skills at the local county fair this summer. Noah calls Bob his inspiration, saying that Bob can do “anything a big horse can do, and I can do anything an adult Ninja can do.”

For many of us, it’s hard enough to skateboard or take up archery, but Ninja Peace Lopez can do both! Peace started with “Ninjaboarding”—aka riding his skateboard around town and finding ways to incorporate Ninja training using trees to lache—and then took up archery.

Gwen Shahboz is in an all-girl band called The Dark Cherries with two of her friends. Gwen rocks the drums and finds it helpful when she has a bad day. Gwen isn’t the only Ninja drummer, though—Jonathan Godbout is also in a band called The Crushers, who play covers and original music. And speaking of musical talent, we also have Hattie Jones, the Fiddlin’ Farm Girl.

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Everlong by the Foo Fighters

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David Futeran has a unique talent (besides Ninja, of course)—he has flags from all over the world memorized! He says his memorization skills help him remember “what his technique is supposed to be” and how he did an obstacle in practice.

Ninja isn’t the only sport that Eliza Aitken loves! The Wisconsin native can also be found shooting the puck on the ice with her local hockey team.

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smilin cuz it’s #ploff szn! tri-county @6:30

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Sawyer Shaw comes from a family of engineers, so naturally, his talent is building rockets with his dad—they even went to a national rocket launch in 2019!

Check out all the Junior Ninjas and their special talents in the video on Youtube or watch below: