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Jessie Graff set to make her Titan Games debut

Her first appearance will be on Monday, June 15.

American Ninja Warrior fans were delighted to learn that Jessie Graff would be one of Dwayne Johnson’s elite Titans on season two of The Titan Games.

Jessie was tapped to represent the West along with NFL Super Bowl Champion Victor Cruz. Her role is to defend Mount Olympus from the challengers who plan on taking her title. It’s no mystery as to why Dwayne selected Jessie. As a professional stunt performer, she’s an elite athlete with a wide arsenal of skills. As an American Ninja Warrior, she’s a barrier-breaking legend.

Season Two of The Titan Games started with the Central Region’s competition. That means we haven’t seen Jessie in action yet. But the wait is almost over, the West Region is up next!

Jessie will make her debut on Monday, June 15 at 8pm EST/PST on NBC. The clip above teases Jessie’s performance on Mount Olympus. Whoever faces her in the match up has their work cut out for them!

Tune in Monday, June 15 to see American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff make her debut on The Titan Games.