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Ninjas support Ninjas through Support Our Sport auction

Jessie Graff, Lorin Ball, Michelle Warnky, Tyler Gillette & Jamie Rahn are among those who have donated.

The Ninja Passport

The Ninja Community is at it again! Ninja Warriors & Ninja supporters everywhere are rallying to support their fellow Ninjas. During a time when many Ninja businesses are negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the Ninja community has found a way to help.

Support Our Sport is an online silent and live auction that is running now through Sunday, May 17th, and will benefit both donors and the buyer’s Ninja organization of choice for emergency relief. The effort is being organized by The Ninja Passport and Monstro Ninja Holds. This isn’t your typical obligatory fundraiser though – no candles, candy bars, or magazines! This stuff is fun, exciting, and desirable!

Do you secretly wish that you could break dance like Lorin Ball? Bid on a dance lesson with Lorin.

Do you have a burning question for Jessie Graff? Bid on a video chat with this ANW icon.

Are you a Lego enthusiast? The Brick Ninja has donated three different packages for your enjoyment.

Has your little Ninja always dreamed of a Ninja birthday party? Bid on a birthday party package at a gym near you!

Do you have ideas for new obstacles swirling around in your head? How awesome would it be to win an Obstacle Design Experience from DGS Ninja?

For all the Ninjas who just want to get their hands on obstacles and train relentlessly, there are plenty of obstacles to bid on – think Fly Wheels, Canes, and Salmon Ladders! Ninja gym experiences are also an option – open gyms, monthly memberships, etc.

If you’d love to get a little more Ninja in your life, while also supporting some of your favorite Ninjas, head on over to Support our Sport and check it out. Be sure to get your bids in by May 17th. Then head over to the live Support our Sport Instagram event on May 17th at 7pm EST, where you’ll be treated to guest appearances by some ANW veterans.

We’re pretty sure you’ll find something you love, while supporting the community we all love.