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Help us build a list of the ‘essential’ Ninja Warrior runs

Which historic runs would you recommend to new fans?

Dennis Mong/NBC

There are a LOT of great runs in American Ninja Warrior history. Understanding the importance of those runs can be the key to the context around big occasions on the show.

We want to know which runs you think are the American Ninja Warrior essentials. Which runs should any new fan watch in order to appreciate where the show is now?

You can’t value the importance of Jesse Labreck and Michelle Warnky beating the Cincinnati City Finals course in season 11 if you don’t know that no woman had accomplished that since season six. Heck, you can’t appreciate the moment Drew Drechsel completed Stage Four if you don’t know that it hadn’t happened in four years. Jessie Graff defeating Stage One loses a little luster if you have no idea that it’s a massively historic moment.

What runs would you include on a list of essentials? Leave your ideas in the comments below and we’ll pull them together in a future article!