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Jessie Graff joins season two of The Titan Games

Look out, Mount Olympus!

Art Streiber/NBC

Look out, Mount Olympus, American Ninja Warrior is coming!

Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff will be on season two of Dwayne Johnson’s The Titan Games.

From the announcement released by NBC:

Host and Executive Producer Dwayne Johnson said, “this season of ‘The Titan Games’ is going to be even bigger than last season. We created an incredible new Titan arena with new insane challenges, and we’ve gone out and selected some of the fiercest competitors we’ve ever seen. For the first time ever, our everyday Titans will go head to head with elite athletes from the Olympics, NFL, UFC and beyond to compete for Titan glory. All of these men and women are true athletes and competitors who give it their all in the Titan arena.”

Jessie Graff is one of the six elite athletes included. They are part of several changes that will debut along with the second season of the show.

This season, the competition breaks down into three regional brackets: West, Central and East. Within each region, one male and one female professional athlete will serve as Titans. Each episode during regional competition will see two contenders of each gender battle in a best-of-three competition on epic new and fan-favorite obstacles. They are fighting for the chance to compete on Mount Olympus, Johnson’s all-encompassing final obstacle that tests strength, speed, stamina and heart. In order to become a Titan, the competitors will need to defeat one of Johnson’s professional Titans and then maintain that position on top of Mount Olympus.

There’s definitely a difference between the skills needed on American Ninja Warrior and the skills needed on The Titan Games. While the Ninjas need to lean on nimble adaptability and strategy in many cases, The Titan Games require a massive amount of brute strength. However, there’s no doubting that Jessie Graff is one heck of a strong athlete and that’s combined with the smarts and efficiency she uses to take on the course.

So someone is going head-to-head against Jessie Graff and we do not envy that position.

Here are the other elite athletes joining Jessie:

  • Claressa Shields: Two-time Olympic gold-medal winning and current undisputed boxing world champion
  • Joe Thomas: NFL Iron Man Legend and 10x Pro-Bowler
  • Victor Cruz: Super Bowl champion
  • Hannah Teter: Olympic gold-medal winning snowboarder
  • Tyron Woodley: Five-time UFC champion

We highly doubt you need a reminder of Jessie’s qualifications, but here we go anyway. Jessie has competed on the show six times, and became the first woman to clear Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals in season eight. She then cleared Stage Two in the USA vs The World competition. Her strong performances frequently leave her in a top position on the leaderboard. In season 11, Jessie was one of only three Ninjas to make it to the Northwest Passage obstacle at the Seattle/Tacoma City Finals.

Jessie did not take part in season 10’s National Finals, although she qualified, because she was busy with her full-time career as a professional stunt performer. On that occasion, she was filming the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel.

Season two of The Titan Games will debut on May 25 on NBC with a two-hour premiere. If you need to catch up on season one, you can read all our coverage here.