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Jessie Graff and friends wait out quarantine Ninja-style in new music video

When WILL our lives resume?

American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff asks the question that’s on all our minds in her new video.

When will our lives resume?

Based off the song “When Will My Life Begin?” from the Disney movie “Tangled,” Jessie called in a fleet of young Ninja girls to help showcase the custom lyrics she wrote. How do Ninjas in quarantine pass the time? With Flipping, boxing, laches, pull ups, knitting, ukulele... and lots and LOTS of cleaning.

The Ninjas have a little more time on their hands at the moment. Ninja Warrior competitions and the taping of American Ninja Warrior’s 12th season are postponed while we all wait out Covid-19. We wouldn’t expect the Ninjas to take the news as a chance to be idle, and they’re turning all that pent up energy into creative pursuits.

While it’s a fun video and we love the parody song, what’s best about this project is how it shines the spotlight on the next generation of Ninja Warrior women. You might recognize some of the athletes from American Ninja Warrior Junior. They’re also making names for themselves on the local competition circuit. They’ve all earned the respect of Jessie Graff and the Ninja Warrior community.

But seriously, when will our lives resume?

And if you need a little more distraction today, check out Jessie Graff in this fantastic “fight” video featuring more stunt performers and actors than we can handle!