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POLL RESULTS: Which obstacle should NOT come back for season 12?

One obstacle was a clear winner.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 11 Photo by: William Gray/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

When we asked our readers and fellow American Ninja Warrior fans which obstacle should disappear forever, I had a guess about which one might win. Not wanting to taint the results, I didn’t share my opinion and I tried to bury it in the middle of the poll. But alas, the one obstacle that shut down every. single. Ninja. that made it that far was not going unnoticed.

More than 300 people voted and with 69% of the votes, the one obstacle that you hope does not return for season 12 is...

Angry Birds.

Fourteen competitors made it to Angry Birds in the Baltimore City Finals and not a single one got past it. We are used to seeing difficult obstacles, but this really took the cake!