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Squirrel Ninja Warrior course brings the high stakes action we needed

It’s a brilliant display of agility and determination created by a former NASA engineer.

Mark Rober/YouTube

When we think of highly skilled Ninja Warriors, humans like Daniel Gil, Jessie Graff, and Joe Moravsky are some of the first to pop into our heads. Names like Frank, Marty, Rick, & Gus have never really come to mind…until we watched former-NASA engineer Mark Rober’s latest video.

We know what you’re thinking –- who are Frank, Marty, Rick, and Gus??? Don’t worry! You’re not behind on the latest rookie sensations – at least not of the human variety. These four Ninjas are SQUIRRELS.

It all began with extra time during quarantine, a bird feeder, and a hopeful birdwatcher. From there, it escalated rather quickly! This whole 22 minute video is highly entertaining, but if you’re only here for the Ninja Warrior squirrel course, fast forward to the 8 minute mark. You’ll be treated to Quad Steps, a bridge of instability, and a slew of other obstacles – squirrel style. And it’d be horrible if we didn’t also mention that there is a squirrel selfie station in the middle of the course.

Mark takes plenty of time to explain how his squirrel catapults are safe, which we appreciated. We also learned a LOT about squirrel aerodynamics in the process.

If you’ve ever battled with a squirrel over a birdfeeder, you are most definitely going to want to watch this entire video. It’s worth every second. You might even decide that those pesky squirrels are worthy of a few of your seeds too – or maybe you’ll decide that they need a bigger challenge!

Notable squirrel Ninja strengths:

  • *Grip strength that rivals Geoff Britten, even toe grip strength – no Zantes needed!
  • *Tenacity & persistence that reminded us of Quest O’Neal battling through the Bouncing Spider.
  • *Agility & Body Awareness taken straight out of a Ninja Warrior playbook
  • *Climbing abilities that make us wonder how fast they’d zip up the 75 foot Mount Midoriyama rope climb

While we’re missing the normal Ninja Warrior action this time of year, we appreciate the Ninja squirrels doing what they can to fill in! Would anyone like to see a Ninja Catapult on ANW 12? It might be something to contemplate...the Ninjas could certainly handle it!