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Neighborhood Ninjas virtual community day will aid gyms and families in need

The event takes place on Sunday, May 31.

So many small businesses are taking a huge hit during these unpredictable times. The Ninja Warrior world is not immune to this. With gyms closed, these businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Many of the families they serve are also having a difficult time. But the Ninja community is anything but inactive. Neighborhood Ninjas is leading the charge to support these businesses and their members, the heart of this sport.

The Neighborhood Ninjas organization is hosting a virtual community day for the Ninja community on May 31 from 3-4pm EST. Neighborhood Ninjas is a Ninja Warrior based 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to expand access, connection and community.

“We know that Ninja gyms around the country have had to close due to the circumstances, and that many many members have been financially impacted as well,” Executive director Alex Katz shared.

The virtual event will include games for all, skills competitions, and Q & A sessions with some familiar Ninja faces. Each Ninja will broadcast from their own homes, with the event kicking off from Enfield, CT. The community day is a riff off the events that Neighborhood Ninjas had previously held in physical locations. Participants won’t just be watching passively. There were will ways for everyone to interact and get involved.

To take part, you simply sign up here and donate whatever you’re able.

The goal is to make this the biggest Ninja Warrior community event possible. And for a great reason. Neighborhood Ninjas has partnered with Ninja Warrior Blueprints, a company that sells detailed designs and instructions for courses, including obstacles such as the Salmon Ladder and the Warped Wall, allowing Ninja fans to train in their own backyards. Ninja Warrior Blueprints will match 100% of the proceeds from the event.

Neighborhood Ninjas will then purchase gift cards, class packs, and memberships from selected gyms and donate them to current and new members who have been financially impacted by the quarantine. Members and non members can apply for scholarships on the Neighborhood Ninjas’ website.

Gyms can apply to receive financial assistance here.

“For so many, being a part of the community has helped them build friendships or a sense of family, get stronger mentally and physically, learn to get back up when they fall, and so much more. It’s hard to put into words how amazing our community is,” Alex said. “We love seeing this community come together to support each other, and we hope that our event can help as many families and as many gyms as possible.”

The Neighborhood Ninjas virtual community day will take place on Sunday, May 31, from 3-4 pm EST. Sign up here to take part and donate whatever you’re able to help. Remember that 100% of the proceeds will be match by Ninja Warrior Blueprints!