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Dwayne Johnson’s Titan Games: The challenges

A breakdown on the games and challenges featured on the second season of The Titan Games.

Steve Dietl/NBC

Dwayne Johnson’s Titan Games is back for its second season. Along with all the action, the new episodes bring along a new format and some striking new challenges. Here, we’ll explain the challenges as they debut on each episode so you can quickly understand the rules of the game and get right back to screaming and cheering.

We’ll update this article as more challenges are revealed within the season.

Chain Linked

Athletes race across six chain-link fence panels hanging 10 feet in the air. Both athletes share the first four panels. To gain access to the fifth panel, which is 12 feet away, they must crank the panel closer and leap to reach it.

Hammer Down

This challenge involves three contestants and is used in the regional finals. The athletes grab a hammer that’s trapped under three heavy boxes. They use the hammer to bang in pins that release three poles. They then must climb the third, golden pole to pull the victory chain. The last to complete the challenge leaves the competition for good.

Herculean Pull

Out leverage an opponent you can’t see. Athletes must yank out two, 100 lb silver poles that are each 20 feet long. They then must try to remove the golden pole tug-of-war style, while bracing themselves nine feet off the ground.

Kick Out

The obstacle requires the use of feet as hammers on massive nails. The competitors grip a bar and pound two pistons into position. They then race to be the first to slam the gold piston into place and take the win.

Launch Pad

Dangling from a rope, athletes push off a platform to kick down four pads, each weighing 250 pounds. The first to knock down all four pads wins.

Lunar Impact

Athletes race to a ladder and climb to a platform 30 feet in the air. They must then slam into the sliding wall, pushing until one opponent is shoved off the edge.

Nuts and Bolts

Athletes are faced with a wall that’s loaded with almost 2000 pounds of weights. The gold weights are 135 pounds each and the silver weights are 80 pounds each. They must screw off the end caps and remove the weights until they think they pull the wall down. Jumping the gun and trying to move the wall before it’s possible costs precious time.

Mount Olympus

Athletes race through 10 obstacles to claim the title of Titan: The Starting Gates, Box Flip, Iron Ascent, Log Lift, Sky Bridge, Crank Down, Cage Crawl, Drop Zone, Ball and Chain and the Titan Tomb.

Over the Edge

Tug of war on steroids. Competitors yank a chain connected to a massive stone. They must bring the stone to their side to knock over the Titan T and take the win.


This game is used in the regional finals to determine who goes on to Mount Olympus. The two contenders are tethered together. They then must push five fifty pound barrels over a barrier while being yanked back by their opponent. The first to get five barrels out wins the challenge. Alternatively, if no one has thrown out a barrel in 2 minutes, the game becomes sudden death. The first barrel out of the ring takes the win.