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How to watch The Titan Games: Season two’s premiere episode

Dwayne Johnson’s competition series is back and the stakes are even higher.

Chris Haston/NBCUniversal

NBC’s summer TV programming is off with a bang, slam, kick, explosion and whatever else The Titan Games is about to throw at us. Dwayne Johnson’s competition series featuring some of the most muscular everyday heroes you’ve ever seen is back with its second season. The season brings with it some changes to its format and six invited Titans standing in the challengers’ way.

It’s a heartfelt return to the Titan Arena and a refreshing break from the exhaustion of reality. Just trust us and tune in. Here’s how to watch the premiere and stream it online.

Season two, season premiere

Start time:
8pm EST/PST on Monday, May 25 on NBC

Live Streaming:
Stream NBC Live - You will need to sign in with a cable provider.
You can also download the NBC app.

Previous episodes:
Previous episodes are available on NBC.Com.