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What you’ve missed so far on Ninja Talks

The new web series from Kent Weed, Executive Producer and Creator of American Ninja Warrior, highlights Ninjas talking about a variety of topics.

In April, Ninja Talks was announced as a new web series from Kent Weed, Executive Producer and Creator of American Ninja Warrior. His goal was to bring together some of the biggest Ninja names for something that was about more than physical training—to focus on the community.

The series is airing on Facebook Live in the Facebook group on every Monday in May at 8:30pm EST. It’s free to join the group and watch or you can participate in the webinar by purchasing VIP access (a portion of the proceeds will go to Revolution Foods, a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving healthy food to kids and the elderly during the COVID-19 crisis). Find out more or get tickets here.

Once you join the Facebook group, you can watch the previous webinars, hosted by Lindsay Andreotti of Earth.University and Kent Weed.

What have they talked about so far?

May 4: Recovery & How To Thrive

Ninjas on the call: Jessie Graff, Joe Moravsky, Meagan Martin, Najee Richardson, Grant McCartney, Sandy Zimmerman, and Drew Drechsel

Each Ninja shared on a specific topic:

  • Jessie discussed the importance of strength training to stay strong and participate in high-impact activities.
  • Najee talked about fear and anxiety and how learning about the differences between the two has helped him overcome them. He also mentioned meditation and music as helpful coping strategies.
  • Meagan shared a slideshow of great training tips.
  • Joe is at home with two kids (that he loves very much) and offered some ideas for “how to handle kids when they’re driving you crazy.”
  • Grant, situated in front of a tropical Zoom background, brought his typical humor to the call while sharing some of the struggles and loss he experienced while growing up.
  • Drew talked about how he’s using the time to take a break and let his body recover after two decades of sports. (And yes, Drew’s baby made an appearance!)

They ran out of time to speak with Sandy this week, but she came back for the next episode!

May 11: The Value Of Community/All-Women Episode

Ninjas on the call: Meagan Martin, Kacy Catanzaro, Sandy Zimmerman, Rose Wetzel, Maggi Thorne, and Jessie Graff

The big topic tonight was motivation and inspiration:

  • Meagan kicked things off by talking about the difference between motivation and inspiration and Kacy added her thoughts on the topic.
  • Maggi shared what gets athletes off the couch when they don’t want to train or work out.
  • Jessie added that “95% of the time” she is inspired to work out and doesn’t require motivation, but it requires a ton of effort for her to get motivated to do the strength training that will allow her to do the things she loves.
  • Rose contributed her opinion on how much more valuable she finds inspiration to be over motivation.
  • It was the day after Mother’s Day, so the women also shared about how their mothers have inspired them
  • Another topic covered was nutrition and training, and Maggi and Sandy had some great tips, especially as mothers! Kent also shared a slide with some specific suggestions, like drinking lots of water and your health is more important than your weight.
  • If you’ve been wanting to learn more about Sandy, she shared what she’s learned about the mental side of trying to “reach your full potential as a human being.” It was great!

The next call will be on Monday, May 18 at 8:30pm EST, so listen in if you have 90 minutes free that night!