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Watch American Ninja Warrior’s ‘essential’ runs

The fan community suggests that any new viewer watch these performances!

We asked the experts (AKA: You) for the most essential American Ninja Warrior runs. When faced with the question, “What runs would you insist a new fan watch?” - These were your answers!

We combed through your responses on the website and our social media posts to pull together this list. The result is a vast, varied, and quite well rounded line up of 33 videos. Good job, Ninja Warrior world! It absolutely feels like a new fan could sit down, watch the videos below, and have a pretty decent grasp on the history and context of where the show is today. There are historic runs, runs that launched careers, inspiring runs, and runs that clearly demonstrate the difficulty of the course.

Of course, we have to throw a few caveats in there. There were a couple videos that we couldn’t locate on YouTube to include. Also, we received some suggestions of Sasuke (American Ninja Warrior’s Japanese counterpart) runs, but we did decide to limit the list to just American Ninja Warrior. If you commented with just a Ninja’s name, but not a specific run, we tried to make sure at least one of their runs was included below.

Check it out! These are your “essential” American Ninja Warrior runs.

Brian Arnold - National Finals Stage Three - 2013

Kevin Bull - Venice City Finals - 2014

Kacy Catanzaro - Dallas Qualifiers and City Finals - 2014

Meagan Martin - National Finals Stage One - 2014

Tim Shieff - USA vs The World Stage One -2014

Sean McColl - USA vs the World Stage Two - 2014

Yusuke Morimoto - USA vs The World Stage Three - 2014

Jessie Graff - Venice City Finals - 2015

Geoff Britten - National Finals Stage Three - 2015

Isaac Caldiero - National Finals Stage Four - 2015

Jesse Labreck - Philadelphia City Finals - 2016

Jessie Graff - National Finals Stage One - 2016

Lance Pekus - Kansas City Qualifiers - 2017

Allyssa Beird - National Finals Stage One - 2017

Joe Moravsky - National Finals Stage Three - 2017

Jon Stewart - Dallas Qualifiers - 2018

Daniel Gil - Dallas Qualifiers - 2018

Casey Rothschild - Philadelphia Qualifiers - 2018

Abby Clark - Minneapolis Qualifiers - 2018

Jamie Rahn - National Finals Stage One - 2018

Sean Bryan - National Finals Stage Two - 2018

Ryan Stratis - Atlanta Qualifiers - 2019

Sandy Zimmerman - Seattle/Tacoma Qualifiers - 2019

Flip Rodriguez - Los Angeles City Finals - 2019

Michelle Warnky - Cincinnati City Finals - 2019

Jesse Labreck - Cincinnati City Finals - 2019

Barclay Stockett - USA vs The World Stage One - 2019

Okay, we KNOW you’re thinking, “Hey, you missed one!” So jump on down to the comments and let us know what you would add!