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The Ninjas will be ready for season 12 whenever it comes

They’re putting in the work!

Abby Clark

Pull-ups. Push-ups. Planks. Dead hangs. All of these exercises are no doubt effective, but they’re not exactly as exciting as a Ninja course…you know – Wingnuts, Flying Squirrels, Double Dippers, Mega Walls! With limited access to Ninja gyms and fun obstacles, are the Ninjas staying motivated? Will they still be able to stay strong, healthy, and prepared for season 12?

Of course! Absolutely! No doubt about it! Ninjas love adventures, thrills, and challenges, so it’s possible they might be a little bummed right now. However, they also know what it takes to achieve their goals. They’re a motivated group, and they certainly don’t give up easily.

For many Ninjas, their best option during this time is to continue to put in the work using the resources they have. Luckily, many Ninjas already have an impressive collection of at-home exercise equipment, as well as a wealth of knowledge regarding effective work-outs.

Allyssa Beird shows us an intense work-out with minimal supplies needed. She even broke it all down in the comments for those of us who’d like to attempt it.

Skip the normal dead hangs – Abby Clark ups the difficulty with a hang board and a weight vest.

Workouts are always better with a partner! Roo Yori and his wife, Clara, had a plan of attack and they got after it.

There are no Mega Walls or Wingnuts in Grant McCartney’s garage work-out, but the video is full of strength-building & hype.

Whatever Geoff Britten is doing in his training dungeon, it’s highly effective!

Jamie Rahn is keeping his mind and body in prime condition. We definitely believe him when he says this took several days to master!

We see you, Ninjas. We’re proud of you. We’re inspired by you. And we can’t wait to celebrate your successes on season 12 and beyond.