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Jimmy Choi sets sights on breaking a virtual work-out world record

He’s going to need 100,000 people!

Michael Hickey/NBC

Everyone knows the inspirational story of American Ninja Warrior, Jimmy Choi. Despite daily battles with Parkinson’s disease, there is no quit in Jimmy. He continues to live his best life, stay fit, help others with their fitness goals, and all the while raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease.

April is Parkinson’s awareness month. Every April, Jimmy and his crew plan large dynamic events, meant to spread awareness & raise funds for this often misunderstood disease. “It’s more than just tremors. It’s depression, anxiety, slowness of movement, loss of balance, and even constipation…it really is a crappy disease,” explains Jimmy. But there’s a problem this year. “We are all stuck at home and most of the events that regularly generate awareness have been cancelled,” Jimmy says.

In true Fox Ninja fashion, Jimmy didn’t let the worldwide pandemic stop him. A plan for World Parkinson’s Day was formulated, and it’s a big one! Team Fox will attempt to break a world record for number of people on a virtual workout session for the comfort of your own home!

Just how many people do they need to break the record?



THIS Saturday morning, April 11 at 11/10c. The workout will be 5 minutes long, so don’t be late!

How do we join?

Click here to register.

How do we help make this world record attempt successful?

1. Share the registration link with everyone!

2. Spread this message:

From Jimmy: I’m going to break the world record! I’m going to exercise virtually from my home on Saturday, April 11, 2020, at 11 am EDT, 10 am CDT, 8 am PDT to bring awareness to Parkinson’s Disease. With my participation, I hope to join more than 100,000 people as we smash the world record and spread awareness for Parkinson’s.

Won’t you join me? Please share and tag people who would like to be a part of history! In just 5 minutes, we can change the world!

To register please click here ( There is no fee and don’t forget to set your reminders and calendars!

Who’s in? Let’s have fun and help a cause. The workout is free, and will be just 5 minutes long. No excuses, and don’t be late!