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13 things we just learned about Meagan Martin

She took questions from fans on Instagram.

Matthew Hayward/NBC

Legendary Ninja Meagan Martin is busy properly practicing social distancing and isolation, so she used some of that time to let us get to know her a bit better!

The six-time American Ninja Warrior competitor and rock climber went live on Instagram to take questions from the fans and share her thoughts on the show, her career, and a little bit of everything! There was even a guest appearance from her cat.

Here are 13 things we learned about Meagan Martin.

1.) She tries to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, crediting it as a big part of recovery and keeping her immunity up.

2.) Her favorite part of mentoring the athletes on American Ninja Warrior Junior is that she’s helping the younger generation achieve their goals.

3.) The American Ninja Warrior obstacle she struggles with the most would be time limits (such as in the National Finals). Meagan said she’s had trouble managing her time on the course and adds extra seconds while trusting herself to start, and dismount from obstacles.

4.) She only trains on Ninja Warrior obstacles a few months out of the year to prepare for the show. Her main focus is on rock climbing, which certainly helps on the course.

5.) Her favorite obstacle from the National Finals is the Jumping Spider! (Meagan was the first woman to complete that obstacle, back in season six.)

6.) What she’s learned from failure and adversity is to step back, look at what went wrong, and learn from it for the future.

7.) One of her favorite runs was her very first run in the Denver Qualifiers in season six. It was cold, she didn’t know what to expect, and almost went home. But she ended up completing the course, another first for a female rookie at the time.

8.) Her hamstring, which was torn last year, is 100% healed! The recovery process took over a year.

9.) She’s always nervous while waiting to start a run, sometimes to the point of being on the verge of tears. But then she takes it one obstacle at a time and doesn’t get ahead of herself.

10.) If she could give advice to her younger self, she’d tell herself to accept that failure is going to happen. It took her till college to accept that failure is part of success and in high school, it really got to her.

11.) She started rock climbing at age 11 when she left gymnastics. A friend she played soccer with brought her to a climbing gym and she was hooked right away.

12.) She’s very careful when it comes to giving out nutrition and diet advice, saying people shouldn’t always take example from what an athlete does. She just tries to maintain a balanced diet, enjoy everything in moderation, and listen to her body.

13.) Meagan is very goal oriented, but also takes things as they come. Plans change. A few of her goals include becoming an actor and commentating rock climbing in the upcoming Olympics!

We also hope one of her goals is to return to American Ninja Warrior! You can follow Meagan on Instagram here to learn more about how she’s keeping busy, while keeping it all at home.