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Ninja Warriors ace the #GameFaceChallenge

They’ve been waiting for this moment.

Social media challenges are having a MOMENT. You can’t open an app without getting hit with about five new challenges. They’re great ways to connect, stay entertained, and in many cases, stay active.

The American Ninja Warriors have been issuing and taking part in exercise challenges like mad.

Now, the #GameFaceChallenge is keeping us smiling!

It’s a pretty straight forward challenge. Post a picture of your “game face” and challenge someone else to do the same. But when you issue that challenge to the Ninja Warriors, the results are pretty hilarious. There are the dramatic “I got this” faces, but then there are also the “I’m in the middle of an obstacle and this isn’t pretty” kind of faces.

For example, Zhanique Lovett looks calm and focused with her game face on.

While Jeri D’Aurelio knows her game face contains a... wide range of emotions.

Maggi Thorne is just FIERCE.

Mike Bernardo engages every muscle possible.

The younger Ninjas are in on it too! Hunter Rowland does not look like a Ninja to mess with.

Adam Rayl looks like he wants to meet you (or the obstacle) in the octagon.

Kevin Carbone actually looks pretty calm to us.

Ryan Stratis is going into battle.

While Brett Sims is going for a stroll, maybe?

Nick Hanson’s game face is a progression.

So, who’s got the best game face on American Ninja Warrior?