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Season two of Dwayne Johnson’s The Titan Games to debut on May 25

The show will take American Ninja Warrior’s slot in NBC’s summer lineup.

The Titan Games - Season 1 Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

We’re playing the waiting game with season 12 of American Ninja Warrior, but The Titan Games will be back soon to scratch our competition itch! Dwayne Johnson’s absolute beast of a challenge show will debut its second season on May 25 with a two-hour premiere, beginning at 8pm EST/PST.

If you missed season one, you can catch up on the action with our recaps here.

The Titan Games scours the country for everyday people who have zero quit in their lives and zero quit in the gym. They then face some of the most mind-boggling physical challenges ever filmed for television while taking on the other competitors.

This year, it looks like the format has changed a bit. From The Hollywood Reporter:

“The competitors in the coming season include teachers, doctors, nurses and veterans, who will go head-to-head with former Olympians, UFC fighters and NFL players. One man and one woman will be crowned Titan champions and win a $100,000 prize; if a professional athlete wins, their prize money will go to charity.”

The May 25 return means that The Titan Games will take the place of American Ninja Warrior in NBC’s summer lineup. It’s bittersweet, for sure. We’d rather have season 12 of Ninja Warrior ready to rock, but the show has paused filming until further notice due to the spread of Covid-19.

On the other hand, The Titan Games is a worthy way to spend your time while we wait for Ninja Warrior. The show delivers the thrilling moments and sweetly human heart that makes Ninja Warrior so special. Expect tears and cheers. Along with THE ROCK. So, there’s that.

The bottom line is that it’s not Ninja Warrior, but The Titan Games will be an appreciated breath of fresh air. Tune in!