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Little Ninja Lylah is back with a hilarious parody

Watch her breakdown American Ninja Warrior to Lizzo’s smash hit.

Little Ninja Lylah MacCall is back with another smash hit!

What’s not to like about this video? It’s got Ninja Warriors, it’s got clever lyrics set to Lizzo’s smash hit “Truth Hurts,” it’s got the always adorable Lylah.

Lylah has been going viral since she was just a teeny tiny Ninja. Back in 2016 she broke the Internet with the incredible backyard course her dad built for her. Since then, Lylah has appeared on “Little Big Shots,” the Harry Connick Jr Show, joined the Wolfpack Ninjas, and her dad Gavin has competed on American Ninja Warrior.

Her latest parody comes at a perfect time. We’re all hungry for more Ninja Warrior while we wait for the new season. The video combines footage from the show with lyrics that make us laugh. Thank you for the smiles, Lylah!

Enjoy the full video above and find more videos on Lylah’s YouTube page here.