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Nature’s Obstacle Course – Ninjas Celebrate Earth Day

April 22nd – A day to celebrate and appreciate our Earth. 

Yosemite National Park
Geoff Britten

Ninjas love to travel to all the corners of the earth. They appreciate the beauty, the wonder, and the challenges that the earth provides. April 22nd was Earth Day, and it was a chance for many Ninjas to reminisce and appreciate their travels and experiences around our earth…and show off the amazing handstand locations they’ve discovered, of course!

Nate Burkhalter shared the beauty of Norway.

Barclay Stockett chose to highlight Alaska on Earth Day. How is she wearing short-sleeves in the middle of all that snow?

Anna Shumaker couldn’t pick just one place, but an upside-down vantage point is her preference wherever she goes.

Brett Sims shared a pretty epic photo from Yosemite National park – it’s a good thing he’s a Ninja!

Alex Weber celebrated his favorite planet with a majestic waterfall photo and a little yoga — tree pose on a tree - pretty clever, Alex!

Brian Kretsch reminded us to be kind to our planet every day.

And Lance Pekus gave us some great images of the earth while also reminding us just how valuable our Earth is.

“I encourage everyone to explore, ask questions, understand that everything we consume comes from a thin layer of soil, that fresh water is beyond valuable, that if there is something common between every living being its that we depend on this planet.”

Happy belated Earth Day, Ninjas!