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Nick Kostreski offers juggling lessons

Start at lesson #1 and work your way up to some pretty sweet tricks.

Dustin Bradford/NBC

How are you juggling this new way of life lately? Nick Kostreski, also known as the KO Ninja, shows us how to juggle things during the pandemic. Literally.

Nick was an American Ninja Warrior competitor on season eight and nine, making it to the Las Vegas finals both seasons.

Nick is always coming up with ways to challenge his mind and body, and now he’s encouraging us to do the same. When we visited his Instagram page, we found a whole series of videos on learning to juggle! A word of warning though – don’t just click on the first post you see. Nick has already posted 11 juggling lessons (plus a bonus sneak peek lesson), which means the lessons are not exactly easy at this point. Do yourself a favor, and scroll down to lesson #1 to start – unless you’re already a juggling ninja, of course.

Lesson #1 breaks it down nice & slow for us…

From there we can learn “Reverse Cascade”, “Juggler’s Tennis”, “Half Shower”, “Full Shower”, The Yo-Yo”, and more. Soon you’ll be learning things like “The Factory.”

And even “Mills Mess”.

According to Nick, juggling is a fantastic way to work on hand-eye coordination – a skill that Ninjas need. If your Ninja training is suffering a bit these days, maybe juggling lessons can fill a small piece of the void. To start, all you’ll need are some socks rolled into balls and Nick Kostreski’s Instagram.