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American Hedgehog Warrior is the best thing you’ll see today

Pepper is the hero we need.

My Friends Call Me Pepper/Instagram

Well, if there’s one thing we can say about this intense quarantine/isolation situation, it’s that it’s giving people time to explore their creativity. Please take a moment to enjoy the Pepper the Hedgehog taking on American Hedgehog Warrior.

Parents, there is a little bit of questionable language in the videos. You might want to give it a watch on your own before you call the kids over.

Her guardian saw the athlete inside this little champion and built a true test of her skills. The first course features Pool Noodle Mountain and a heart-stopping plunge to the finish line.

Ready for more, Pepper returned for course two. The course was bigger, badder, and went in the opposite direction! She had to face the Double Barrel Bridge and those dastardly Invisible Tunnels. Stick around for the Super Slide replay.

Course three seemed to be the American Hedgehog Warrior National Finals because everything was kicked up several notches. We held our breath as Pepper navigated Pool Noodle Forest, the Bridge of Green Cups, and the gigantic Super Duper Slide finale.

Also, major props to Pepper’s parent for providing Grade A commentary. Although we would love to see what Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila could do with this.

After all that, Pepper was rewarded with a well-deserved rest and cuddle which, frankly, we want in on. The urge to boop that soft belly is REAL.

While it’s not quite American Ninja Warrior, Pepper’s efforts have definitely helped fill the void until we get our athletes back on their human-sized course!