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Trevor West’s six tips for Ninja Warrior training at home

No gym? No problem.

Trevor West knows it takes a little bit of ingenuity to become an American Ninja Warrior.

During season 10, Trevor’s rookie year, he stormed the scene by completing the very tricky Indianapolis City Finals course, moving him to the National Finals. In season 11, he made it back to Las Vegas after strong runs in Cincinnati.

Trevor was 20-years-old during his first season on the show. To debut with that much athleticism and experience means he had been preparing for years. But having a Ninja gym close by isn’t always realistic. Trevor knows you have to make the best with what you have, no matter what.

Trevor shared his tips for training at home, without equipment, in a live stream on Instagram. The info is definitely worth saving and looking back on!

Here are Trevor’s six tips for American Ninja Warrior training at home.

  1. Find somewhere to hang and do pull-ups. Purchase a pull-up bar if you can! You can find some that go right in your doorway.
  2. Don’t neglect your core! Ab strength is super important for being able to generate a powerful swing. Do your sit ups and leg raises.
  3. Acquire a training partner, even if it is a parent or sibling! It really helps having someone to motivate you and keep you on the right track.
  4. Go for a run. Cardio helps keep your weight down and makes Ninja much easier. A lot of balance on the show can be completed just by being agile, so sprinting and jumping around will help a ton.
  5. Look into acquiring training equipment. A lot of training can be done with just a bar or ledge, but you can find grip trainers, resistance bands, and cannon balls to help you get to the next level a bit faster.
  6. Watch American Ninja Warrior and people doing obstacles on social media so that you can train your brain! Study the techniques they use so that you know the best way to do an obstacle when your time comes to approach it!

For more information, check out an upcoming live-stream session! You can find the schedule here.