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In challenging times, Ninjas give out more challenges!

Fun ones, of course!

Tyler Golden

Going a bit stir crazy during this time of social isolation? Take a little lesson from the Ninjas. Try out one of the many challenges the Ninjas are sharing on social media. Laugh whole-heartedly at your own attempts and your failures. Celebrate progress. Persist until you’ve achieved victory. Maybe even make up a challenge of your own!

Trending on Instagram is the #see10do10 challenge. See 10 push-ups, do 10 push-ups! You can complete 10 regular push-ups or you can get a little creative…

Or complete them Zhanique-style, with only one arm!

Some of us are enjoying more quality time than usual with our kids right now. Ask them to join your work-out, or even become the weights in your work-out!

Baby work-outs are effective too!

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box challenge, Nick Hanson has just the thing.

View this post on Instagram

TRY THIS! It’s a game we play that represents #IceHopping • • • #AlaskaNative people have been playing games inside since the beginning of time — what better way to make use of our time during a #Blizzard right?! ‍♂️ • We call this game “#ToeKick” (original, we know ☺️). RULES: 1. Place a sharpie, pencil, expo marker, or 1/2” dowel on the floor in front of you starting at 24” (2ft) 2. From behind the ‘start’ line, broad jump over the object, and “flick” the object backwards with just your toes! 3. Land on the OPPOSITE side of the object, maintaining balance! (As seen in video 4. Move the object 4” further after every successful kick — until incapable of kicking successfully NOTE** Object must move backwards. Toes cannot touch floor. Have to FLICK, cannot land on it and “push” it backwards. • I’m going to introduce (or remind you of) a NEW GAME that can be played in your living room — BUT will also challenge your athletic abilities! • Great for Kids! Great for Athletes! BEST way to maintain or learn Alaskan Culture ToeKick World Record: 101-Inches!!! ___________________________________________ #YouWont #ProveIt #QuarantineChallenge #NativeGames #LivingRooms #InHouseChallenge #FamilyQuarantine #SocialDistancingLife #AthleteTraining #NinjaWarrior #NinjaLife #NinjaTraining #NinjaChallenge #Quickness #LightFeet #SCTopTen #SCTop10 #FunStuff #Eskimo #Inuit #InuitGames #AlaskaLife #AlaskaBornAndRaised #Booyah

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If you like Nick’s challenge, be sure to check out the other unique challenges on the Eskimo Ninja’s Instagram page. You’re going to need a bit of luck or lots of persistence to achieve them!

And how cool is this challenge! You’ll have to grab a few supplies from your stocked pantry or your recycle bin, as well as a partner with core strength and a can-do attitude to complete it…

And if you find yourself with more time to spare after all of the Ninja challenges are complete, try out a new hobby. Here are a couple suggestions from Adam Rayl and Erica Cook.

Stay strong, Ninjas! And keep those challenges coming!