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POLL RESULTS: What is the top skill you need to be a Ninja?

Two skills in particular earned 51% of the votes!

Screening Event Of NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior” - Red Carpet Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

As obstacles get more complicated and the competition becomes more fierce, Ninjas need to have a variety of skills in their toolbox if they want to hit a buzzer these days. And so many Ninjas are up for the challenge, dedicating their lives to training for the sport they love. But we were wondering: Are there certain skills that help more than others? We’ve seen rock climbers have great success, but also parkour athletes, gymnasts, and pole vaulters.

So we asked you, the fans, to share what you think is the top skill you need to be a Ninja, and after you weighed in, two skills earned 51% of the votes!

As you can see, “Grit, determination, and a fearless attitude” earned 27% of the votes, while “Hand/grip strength” came in second with 24%. “General upper body strength” and “Body control” were the next highest.

It makes sense that the mindset came in first—studies have shown that a growth mindset leads to higher levels of achievement. Those that embrace challenges, push through setbacks, and are motivated by the success of others are more likely to reach their highest potential. Sounds a lot like the Ninja community if you ask me!

Of course, there are limits to how far you can go if you aren’t physically able to, but it’s amazing how much we can achieve when we believe in ourselves, and the Ninjas are a perfect example of that.