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We rediscovered ‘American Ninja Warrior: Puppy vs Puppy’ and it’s perfection

Stumbling across this made our day.

We’ve been taking a trip down memory lane as we scour YouTube for videos of runs for the American Ninja Warrior “Greatest Buzzer” series. (Go start voting if you haven’t already!)

Watching all those videos has been a blast. Remembering historic moments, recalling Ninjas who’ve spent the last few years away from the show, and reviewing some of the digital specials the show put together.

Our hearts leapt for joy when we remembered that, yes, there was a time when puppies ran an obstacle course. It wasn’t just a beautiful dream.

So, because we ALL need something fun like this these days, below you’ll find all the American Ninja Warrior: Puppy vs Puppy videos.

Here’s the main event.

Get to know those fierce, focused competitors better with these individual profiles. (We’ll take one of each, please and thank you.)

Ugh. These blooper videos. They’re what we needed. They are food for the tired soul.

In conclusion: American Ninja Warrior is great. Puppies are great. This is good. That’s it. That’s the post.