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5 Ninja Warrior videos to watch if you need to calm down for a second

Whatever you’re feeling, it’s okay.

David Becker/NBC

Did anyone else wake up and realize it’s day 3576 of quarantine/social distancing/isolation? Some days... it gets you in a MOOD. You stare hard at your partner who is doing that annoying thing again. You wonder why in the world you decided to have roommates. Maybe you wonder how those children got into your house...

Whatever is going on in your situation, your feelings are valid and totally acceptable. So first, acknowledge that. Now let’s take a few minutes together to try to chill out - American Ninja Warrior style.

Let’s start by remembering all the joy it brings to see people who are just like us succeed at their goals. It’s all about perseverance.

Get lost for a second experiencing the euphoria that comes with making your dreams come true.

There’s something so soothing and hypnotic about US Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva’s save on the Diving Boards. Also, it’s a reminder to hold on... No matter how close you think you are to crashing.

On the other side of that idea, sometimes it’s nice to remember that everyone, EVERYONE, takes a fall once in awhile. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Now, smile. It’s so good for your overall mood and mental-state.

Feeling better? We’re so glad. Remember, this stuff is TOUGH. We’re all going through it in our own ways. But we can go through it together.

Okay, one more bonus video in case you’re not quite ready to head back to reality yet. DOGS. Nothing more needs to be said.

Stay strong, Ninja Warrior community!