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Every day is a great day to celebrate the women of American Ninja Warrior

Their accomplishments are unmistakable.

Matthew Hayward/NBC

Every day we think about the incredible strength and accomplishments of the women on American Ninja Warrior, and we think every day is a great opportunity to celebrate them. Time and time again, these athletes have proven there’s a reason the course is the same for men and women. Women are just as capable and astonishing.

Need a reminder? Here’s just a tiny handful of moments worth watching again from the women of American Ninja Warrior.

Kacy Catanzaro was the first woman to defeat the Warped Wall and then finish a City Finals course.

Meagan Martin was the first woman to defeat the Jumping Spider at the National Finals, opening the doors for the female competitors after her.

We all remember when Jessie Graff took down Stage One at the National Finals.

Allyssa Beird followed after her just one year later.

And don’t forget Jessie Graff also beat Stage Two in USA vs The World.

In season 11, Sandy Zimmerman represented for all the moms when she finished the Seattle/Tacoma Qualifying course.

Casey Rothschild hit the buzzer in her rookie season at just 20-years-old, making her the youngest woman to complete a course.

Michelle Warnky had us on our feet when she beat the Cincinnati City Finals course.

Jesse Labreck added a City Finals buzzer to her list of accomplishments in the same city.

Then, in season 12, Jesse Labreck added ANOTHER extended course buzzer to her collection.

And she became the first woman to take on the Power Tower.

Tiana Webberley never backed down on her goal and reached her first buzzer in season 12 after six years of competition.

This list of moments could go on and on. With each season of the show, in every region, the women step up and deliver again and again. These Ninja Warriors never fail to leave us inspired and motivated.

(The Tweet below is old, but we still love that promo video.)

And that’s not JUST on the show. They are all important members of the American Ninja Warrior community that extends to young and old, all over the country, in local competitions and in every neighborhood gym. Check out some #InternationalWomensDay posts celebrating these athletes.

While we deeply apologize for bringing you this post a day late, we really think that any day, and each and every day, is a great time to celebrate the women of American Ninja Warrior!