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Remember that time Usher tired a Ninja Warrior course on The Ellen Show? Usher does.

He and Ellen took a walk down memory lane.

Usher recently stopped by The Ellen Show for the TWENTY-SECOND time.

What do you talk about when you’ve already talked to someone 22 times? You talk about the things you already talked about. So Usher and Ellen took a look back at his “Ninja Warrior” run on her show in 2014.

In case you were unaware, Ellen is a huge fan of American Ninja Warrior. She’s had Drew Drechsel, Allyssa Beird, and Grant McCartney on the show previously. She’s set up a Ninja Warrior course outside her studio twice. Once back in 2014 when celebrities like Anna Faris and Allison Janney, Usher, and Ellen ran the course.

The second time was just a few months ago, to celebrate Drew Drechsel’s win during season 11. That time, Ellen made her producer run the course.

Anyway, back to Usher. He and Ellen re-watched the footage of his pretty killer 2014 run and Usher reflected on how doing that had been a “fantasy” of his. Listen, we know that Celebrity Ninja Warrior seems to be a thing of the past, but we highly doubt that any producer would say no to an application from Usher.

Usher, if you want to take on the real-deal full course, just say the word! Your dream doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Join us!